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Past 10 years we have been providing quality training to defense job aspirants in Kerala. More than 20000 students have been trained and 3900 got employed in various Armed Forces. This training is helping these aspirants to clear their recruitment tests. Physical fitness is an inevitable element in our training program for grooming our candidates. In the due course, we found most of the youngsters are not able to clear their physical endurance tests due to unfit lifestyle issues. Identifying this problem, we thought to bring fitness enthusiasm among the children in the early stage itself. Believe that it could break the ice on our new generation’s physical and mental well-being to a certain extent and help them gain a better future.

FITACA – The Fitness Academy App will cater to fitness training, happiness, and mental well-being among children aged between 3 to 16 years. This could be a vital solution for the new generation to overcome stress and unhealthy attitude toward life. Transforming them to be strong, courageous and a fun-loving social beings to adopt anything comes in their life with a positive attitude.

Our programs are categorized based on various age groups. Industry experts in child phycology and fitness have developed the curriculum.

FITACA – a promising solution for child fitness and wellbeing.

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